Connect 2.0

Connecting CDA to God and His People

Over the past 4 and a half years God has used the CDA Campus of Real Life Ministries to reach into our community to CONNECT people. We CONNECT them to God and his family. For a couple of years now our facilities have been used to capacity in different ways. There are times when our auditorium is at capacity during services and our Youth Ministry and Recovery Ministry use the entire facility multiple times every week.

Because of that, we have been seeking a larger facility in our area for the last 2 years. In spite of this, we have not found a suitable facility to relocate to. After diligently seeking God’s guidance, we know a couple of things: 1) God wants us to continue CONNECTING the people of CDA to Him and his family.  2) The facilities we currently own are the ones He’s given us to accomplish that right now.

With that in mind, we believe God is calling us to maximize the use of our facilities to accomplish this purpose. There are several needs we can address through a building renovation.

  • Small Group Environments: We are in need of more classrooms of the appropriate size to give us more small group environments for Recovery and Youth.
    • Our current rooms are either too small to utilize or are so large they don’t utilize the space well.
  • Children’s Ministry Space: For many young parents Children’s Ministry is one of their highest values when looking for a church home. Facilities is one of the things they use to determine the quality of the Children’s Ministry, at least initially. Our Children’s Ministry team is amazing and does the best they can with the facilities they have, but they are dated and the space is not utilized well.
    • We plan on updating space utilization as well as the look and feel of the Children’s Ministry space.
    • We plan on putting a small, fenced playground in the back of our property for young children.
  • Bathrooms: Currently we have only one bathroom stall per gender on each floor of the building. This creates challenges during peak facility use times like services.
    • We plan on making larger bathrooms with more stalls both upstairs and downstairs.
    • The downstairs bathrooms will be brought into alignment with ADA requirements
  • Lobby: One of the current challenges in our facility is the small lobby. We value CONNECTING relationally before and after services and ministry times.
    • The lobby will be expanded to roughly twice the current size, giving more space to CONNECT relationally.
  • Lift replacement: A new lift will replace the old one and will not only go to the upper floor, but to the bottom as well. This will not only bring us into compliance with ADA standards but will give access to the lower level to mobility impaired individuals.

Please be praying.

  • Pray that God continues to give our staff and elders wisdom in understanding the best way to utilize our facilities to accomplish his mission to reach CDA.
  • Pray about how God would have you contribute towards this endeavor.



  • If ministry is not about a building, why are we taking this project on? While not all ministry requires facilities, the most common way people CONNECT to the body of Christ initially is through attending a service or other ministry. While most people will be brought to Christ through personal invitation and witness, very few will attend a Life Group as a first step in CONNECTING to the church. Most feel more comfortable attending a service or ministry time that isn’t as intimate as a small group in a home.
  • Will there be roadblocks with the city? We have met with the city for pre-approval of the project. There were no major roadblocks identified by the city in the process.
  • Does this mean that this facility is where CDA Real Life will be for the foreseeable future? Not necessarily. We are always praying about the possibility of another building in the area that would help us accomplish the mission God has given us more effectively. If God opened the door to a building that would do that, we would prayerfully consider the option with our elders.
  • What is the expected cost? We don’t know for sure. Currently the engineers from different disciplines are preparing drawings that will allow our contractor to give us an accurate bid. Our best estimate at this time is $200,000 - $250,000.
  • If we spend that much money on this building will we be able to recoup the costs if we ever want to sell it? We believe so. We have had a commercial real estate agent pull comps in the area. If we were to sell the building for what the valuation is after the renovation, we would not only recoup the costs but have even more equity in the building than we do currently. The building would also be easier to sell due to updated facilities that are ADA compliant.
  • Will there be a chance for people to donate labor? In an effort to keep costs as low as possible, our goal is to identify places where unskilled individuals can help with projects that just require man-power. There may also be opportunities for skilled laborers to donate their time and skills as well.
  • Are we going to take out a loan to do the project? We do not want to take on more debt to finish this project. Some money has been set aside already and we plan to complete the project as money is given towards it.

During the weekend of Feb 19th we will be having a special offering for this endeavor at each of our weekend services.  Please be praying about what God would have you do as we seek to continue reaching people for Jesus.

Ways to give:

1.   Give at weekend services. Check the “Building Fund” box on the giving envelope or mark “Building Fund” on the memo line on your check.

2. Give online through our website: giving. Make sure you designate the CDA Campus and the Building Fund

3.   Text to give: Text the number, (208) 261-7473. Text the amount you want to give followed by the word, “Building.” (Example 100 Building to give $100 to the building Fund.)

4.   If you are unable to give at this time but feel like God is calling you to give towards the building renovation please let us know by filling out a commitment card and putting it into the offering. Information helpful for our planning is the amount you plan to give and when you think you will be giving the offering.