Creation: The beginning of life as we know it
Abraham: God builds a Nation
Joseph: From slave to Deputy Pharaoh

Divine Internevtion

Moses: Deliverance
Moses: New commands and a new covenant
Moses: Wandering


Joshua: The battle begins
Judges: A few good men . . . and women
Ruth: The faith of a foreign women
Saul: Standing tall, falling hard

Glory Days

Young David: From shepherd to king
King David: The trials of a king
Solomon: The king who had it all


Kings: A Kingdom torn in two
Prophets: God’s Messengers
Fall of Israel: The beginning of the end
Fall of Judah: The Kingdom’s fall

Hope in the Dark

Daniel in exile
Ezra: The return home
Esther: The queen of beauty and courage
Nehemiah: Rebuilding the walls

Promises Kept

The birth of a King
Jesus’ Ministry Begins
No Ordinary Man
Jesus, the Son of God
The Hour of Darkness
The Resurrection


Early Church: New beginnings
Paul’s Mission
Paul’s Final Days
Heaven: The end of time